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State of Hawaii

Most trips do have a fee, but need-based financial aid is available to cover up to 80% of trip costs.

need-based financial aid is available to cover up to 80% of trip costs.

Alternative Break trips are organized and led by students who want to provide an intensive learning through service experience. AB leaders are responsible for all aspects of the alternative spring break trip, including recruiting participants, trip logistics, coordinating with the host site, and leading the actual trip.

Leader Selection AB proposals and leader applications are reviewed each spring for the following year by a committee of students, faculty, and McKeen Center staff. Those leaders whose trips are selected receive support and training from the McKeen Center to plan and implement their AB trips.

Leader Selection

Leaders' Seminar During the fall semester, ASB leaders participate in the Leaders' Seminar, a 10-week course facilitated by the staff of the McKeen Center. This seminar prepares leaders in how to organize and lead their trips and to help student participants examine the political, social, cultural, and economic aspects of their service and the communities in which they will be living. Through this seminar, leaders develop their own seminar which they lead for their trip participants in the spring.

Leaders' Seminar

Participants' Seminar Prior to the trips, participants attend weekly pre-service meetings to prepare them for their service experience. These meetings include background and cultural information about the site, educational visits from Bowdoin professors, reading assignments, film viewing, fundraising, and team-building activities.

Participants' Seminar

During and After the Trip During the trip, students participate in meaningful service activities, daily reflective sessions, and evening group activities. After returning to campus, students work together to educate the larger Bowdoin community about their issue area and experience.

During and After the Trip

An AB trip could be a great vehicle to educate Bowdoin around whatever social issues you care about most. To participate, ASB leaders must be on campus both semesters, but AWB leaders may be off campus in the spring semester. Here are the basics you need to know:

Where and when are the trips? AB trips can be local, national, or international, and they take place during both Winter and Spring Break.

What are the possibilities? All AB trips are proposed, and led, by students. You can propose to build on Cheap Sale High Quality Sale Cheap Stuart Weitzman Suede RoundToe Ankle Boots R9HPUw
, or identify a different social issue that you care about and plan something from scratch.

Next steps this semester:

1. Browse our short how-to guide . When you’re ready, schedule a meeting with Andrew Lardie to discuss your ideas.

I have outlined two different study guides below, one for beginners and one for experienced web developers.

for Beginners

Experienced programmers and web developers should follow the Learn JavaScript Properly Study Guide for Experienced Programmers and get this book: — The paperback Version: Rag amp; Bone Leather Hightop Sneakers Buy Online New Shopping Online With Mastercard DP5nbt
— The Kindle Version: Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (3rd Edition)

for Experienced Programmers

Resources: Beginning JavaScript (4th Edition) — (4 articles) — (4 tracks) — (1 short course) — Notice for Visual Learners: If you are a visual learner, that is, if you prefer to see lots of images, schematics, and the like when learning a topic, you may find Outlet For Sale Discount Genuine Stuart Weitzman Glitter Cage Sandals Outlet Pictures Visit Cheap Online Explore For Sale wvkf7
more appealing than the Beginning JavaScript book. If you do get the JavaScript and jQuery book, note that the chapters are similar enough that you can use it (instead of Beginning JavaScript ) to follow this study guide, though you will have to modify the sections a bit.

Resources: Notice for Visual Learners:

Prerequisite: Completed at least some high school (no programming experience necessary)


The Level of JavaScript Covered in this Study Guide: Absolute Beginner to Intermediate

The Level of JavaScript Covered in this Study Guide:

How to Get the Best Out of This Study Guide

Type out and test every example code you encounter in the book. You can type the code and tweak it (experiment with it) in Firefox’s or Chrome’s console. The browser is an area of the browser where you can write and run JavaScript code. Or use Christian Louboutin Paulina 85 Slingback Pumps Buy Cheap Fast Delivery Buy Cheap Extremely REBTvLUl
. Maiyet Ponyhair RoundToe Oxfords Outlet Big Sale ohTGi0k4
is a web application that allows you to write and test your code online, right in your browser. You can test all sorts of code, including a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (and jQuery).

Don’t use Safari. I recommend Chrome, but if you use Firefox, get the Marni Slingback Platform Pumps How Much Sale Online ojz4z
for Firefox; use it for testing and debugging your code.

Watch this Firefox’s and Chrome’s Console Tutorial on YouTube.

And watch this Chrome Dev Tools Tutorial (also on YouTube) to learn how to use Chrome Dev Tools.

Also, work all the end-of-chapter exercises.

Let’s get to work.

Weeks 1 and 2

Week 1: Making a Website with HTML and CSS; Learn JavaScript Data Types, Functions, Control Flow, and Loops

Week 2: Learn JavaScript Objects, the Browser Object Model (BOM), and Events; Learn jQuery

Chapter 15

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Workers at Travelocity made a starting wage of $8 an hour, plus training and benefits. But Travelocity lost $55 million last year and was looking to cut costs fast. It decided it could save $10 million by moving its Clintwood call center to India. The findings concerning positive outcomes were no less intriguing. Whether it was the joy of a favored player’s home run or the joy of a rival’s strikeout, the fans’ brains lit up in the same spot the ventral striatum. This region is associated with the subjective experience of pleasure, and indeed the fans described both personal victory and schadenfreude as pleasurable.

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March 14th, 2017

Inspired by the leaf, researchershave developed a molecule that uses sunlight to convert CO2into CO (Credit: Best Visa Payment For Sale Eileen Fisher Suede Platform Flats Great Deals For Sale Enjoy Online TKzwZC7Ie

The humble leaf, which collects sunlight and uses that energy to turn carbon dioxide into fuel for the plant, has inspired scientists to create various systems that could turn the greenhouse gas into fuels, using bacteria , UGG Australia Suede Ankle Booties Largest Supplier For Sale Discount Websites Big Sale For Sale Top Quality Sale Online yEkJlEdBjb
s, chemical reactors or a Free Shipping Best Place Discount Big Discount Jimmy Choo Leather Embellished Sandals Discount Best Really Online Discount Eastbay EhrApPSu0t
. Now, researchers at Indiana University (IU) have developed a molecule that uses sunlight to convert the problematic carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide, which can then be stored as a fuel source.

While it's not a widely-used fuel by itself, carbon monoxide has other industrial tricks up its sleeve, and can be used to create other fuels . The IU team's new molecule essentially boasts a more efficient way to convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide, expending only solar power. When the resulting fuel is ultimately burned, the same amount of carbon dioxide is released as went into making it, turning it into a "carbon-neutral" fuel source.

"Carbon monoxide is an important raw material in a lot of industrial processes," says Liang-shi Li, lead researcher on the study. "It's also a way to store energy as a carbon-neutral fuel since you're not putting any more carbon back into the atmosphere than you already removed. You're simply re-releasing the solar power you used to make it."

The team claims its technique is the most energy-efficient way to create carbon monoxide, and it comes down to the molecule at the center of the reaction. This molecule is made of nanographene and rhenium, which form two parts of a tiny machine: the nanographene absorbs sunlight and sends the energy to the rhenium atom, which acts like an "engine" that reduces carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide.

"If you can create an efficient enough molecule for this reaction, it will produce energy that is free and storable in the form of fuels," says Li. "This study is a major leap in that direction."

Similar systems based on organic compounds and metals have been used in carbon reduction processes before, but they typically can only capture a small wedge of the light spectrum. Using nanographene as the energy collector, the researchers say their molecule can make use of a larger section of the visible light spectrum, at wavelengths of up to 600 nm. The original idea came from earlier research into using nanographene to improve the efficiency of solar cells.

"We asked ourselves: Could we cut out the middle man – solar cells – and use the light-absorbing quality of nanographene alone to drive the reaction?" says Li.

The team tested the molecule with concentrated CO2, at levels much higher than the 400 parts per million (ppm) that is present in Earth's atmosphere. In theory, the researchers say it should function at normal concentrations, too, but more work is needed to test that out.

"There are people working with low-concentration of CO2, and this should be doable with our catalyst as well," Li tells New Atlas. "At this early stage it is hard to say using what pressure of CO2 makes more practical sense. High pressure of CO2 is not hard to get (e.g., in carbon sequestration). It consumes energy to get it, but would make the CO2 reduction faster. So clearly there will be some optimization and compromise needed in the future."

The researchers believe there's also room for improvement in the efficiency of the molecule itself. To that end, they plan to replace the relatively-rare metal, rhenium, with a more common alternative, manganese. The molecule's power and longevity is also in line for a tune-up, as the team attempts to turn it into a solid catalyst.

The research was published in the .

Source: Indiana University

Update (Mar. 15, 2017):


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