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26 junio, 2014

Absolutely. So I kind of think it’s a funny thing that people think of going to a bar by themselves as this sort of abject, sad condition. But once you become a regular, you’re never by yourself in a bar. In 2005, there was a lottery and if I remember, teams got assigned balls based on playoff appearances and recent first round picks. Pittsburgh won the Sidney Crosby lottery. The Wild got No.

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Gather kids into a circle and have them wear blindfolds. Then, pass around bowls containing ordinary items and encourage kids to reach inside and feel. Inform the group that they are touching something gross, or encourage them to determine what icky thing it might be.

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Mitsubishi is an old automaker, having built its first car in 1917. But after the war, it restarted operations by assembling cars from other manufacturers (famously Willys' CJ-3B Jeep, which it built until 1998). It built its own cars again in the 1960s, building both small cars such as the Colt and larger ones like the Debonair. It was a deal with Chrysler that brought Mitsubishi to the U.S. By 1982, Mitsubishi was ready to sell cars under its own name. A few years later, it formed Diamond-Star Motors with Chrysler to produce some joint-venture cars in the U.S., such as the Eclipse (which was also sold as an Eagle and a Plymouth). In the States, its position as a full-line automaker has eroded, but it currently sells several crossovers under the Outlander nameplate and the subcompact Mirage. The Eclipse Cross crossover is the latest Mitsubishi to hit the market.

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Reuters / Jun 22, 2018
Jeremy Korzeniewski / Jun 6, 2018
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/ May 10, 2018

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The UMD repository contains variations covering modules that work optimally in the browser, those best for providing exports, those optimal for CommonJS runtimes and even those that work best for defining jQuery plugins, which we will look at next.

UMD provides two patterns for working with jQuery plugins - one which defines plugins that work well with AMD and browser globals and another which can also work in CommonJS environments. jQuery is not likely to be used in most CommonJS environments so keep this in mind unless we're working with an environment which does play well with it.

We will now define a plugin composed of a core and an extension to that core. The core plugin is loaded into a $.core namespace, which can then be easily extended using plugin extensions via the namespacing pattern. Plugins loaded via script tags automatically populate a plugin namespace under core (i.e. $.core.plugin.methodName() ).

The pattern can be quite nice to work with because plugin extensions can access properties and methods defined in the base or, with a little tweaking, override default behavior so that it can be extended to do more. A loader is also not required to make any of this fully functional.

For more details of what is being done, please see the inline comments in the code samples below.




UMD doesn't aim to replace AMD nor CommonJS but merely offers some supplemental assistance for developers wishing to get their code working in more environments today. For further information or to contribute suggestions towards this experimental format, see .

# ES Harmony

, the standards body charged with defining the syntax and semantics of ECMAScript and its future iterations is composed of a number of very intelligent developers. Some of these developers (such as Alex Russell ) have been keeping a close eye on the evolution of JavaScript usage for large-scale development over the past few years and are acutely aware of the need for better language features for writing more modular JS.

For this reason, there are currently proposals for a number of exciting additions to the language including flexible Elizabeth and James Sawyer Slingback Wedges Clearance Purchase UbfZvr
that can work on both the client and server, a Cheap Sale Online Givenchy Leather Buckle Accent Sandals Fake Sale Online Sast Online Pre Order 6GOWHNJ
and . In this section, we'll explore code samples using the syntax proposed for modules in so we can get a taste of what's to come.

Note: Although Harmony is still in the proposal phases, we can already try out (partial) features of that address native support for writing modular JavaScript thanks to Google's Traceur compiler. To get up and running with Traceur in under a minute, read this getting started guide. There's also a JSConf Cheap Sale Great Deals Classic Sale Online Ash StudEmbellished Ankle Boots Outlet Low Cost cA928uJ
about it that's worth looking at if interested in learning more about the project.

Having read through the sections on AMD and CommonJS modules you may be familiar with the concept of module dependencies (imports) and module exports (or, the public API/variables we allow other modules to consume). In, these concepts have been proposed in a slightly more succinct manner with dependencies being specified using an import keyword. export isn't greatly different to what we might expect and many developers will look at the code samples lower down and instantly grab them.

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